My Quest For Prolonging A Healthy Life

My Quest For Prolonging A Healthy Life By Selecting Healthful Foods and Exercise, And Changing My Mental Attitude Toward Aging.

A Healthy Life Quest is a journey to healthy living achieved by selecting from the choices available those most likely to prolong–rather than shorten life.

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Bike riding for better health

Bike riding for better health

From my point of view, the so-called achievements of the chemical and food industries have been the cause of too many early deaths.

Only recently, the truth about that great invention “Sugar” has been revealed. Suddenly, turning it into one of the most common poisons one must avoid in order to preserve life.

If you managed to read all the information now available about sugar. In particular, that information regarding the dangers it poses to healthy living, you would think twice before consuming any yourself and even more so about giving your children any candy or sweetened drink. And you should!

Cooking oils have also been found lacking and dangerous, and people have been advised to avoid them at any cost. Yes, some of those heavily advertised as “heart-healthy oils” could just be doing exactly the opposite. Dr, Mary Enig, PHD’s warnings have finally been recognized by the FDA and they are in the process of totally banning trans fats. Apparently there really is no safe limit of trans-fat ingestion.

Do you know how a toxic industrial oil became a (Is it possible?) “heart-healthy”, “good” oil virtually overnight through genetic modification and lots of advertising? Well… that’s another story that you can read by clicking the following link. The Canola Oil Story.”

The great majority of overweight people would lose their excess weight if they were to refrain from eating highly-processed, simple carbohydrates, added sugars, refined vegetable oils and any products made with or including them as ingredients.

And “losing weight” has been turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

People will rather pay for empty promises than face the real truth which is that the great majority of overweight people would lose their excess weight if they were to refrain from eating highly-processed, simple carbohydrates, added sugars, refined vegetable oils and any products made with or including them as ingredients.

However, this would not do any good to the fake-food industry that uses large quantities of these elements to make their myriad of the so-called food products they openly promote on TV, radio, and written press.

Americans are a lucky people, they have a government that looks after them and protects them from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Or so they promise during their Oaths of Office. However, when it comes to big business, they appear to protect them in spite of the harm they cause to the citizens at large. Take a look at this video: .” How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic.

A look at how virtually millions of Americans have suffered disease and death in the forms of obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc. and the treatments thereof in order to support the grain industry will eventually be remembered as the worst period in the history of the United States of America

I can understand that there is a need to keep people happy, and that keeping them occupied eating most of the time is not only an easy way of controlling them, but also a very profitable one. And since the government gets more taxes from the fake-food companies than from the farmers, and primary producers, they are also happy to keep the game going.

The economy benefits more from the high levels of trade in these kinds of foods than in real, natural foods. So governments all over the planet are the first to turn a blind eye on an industry that is bringing in the revenue, particularly in these hard economic times. Never mind the damage that these “foods” are causing to people as well as to the environment.

I understand. It is a case of National Security having more importance than individual-citizen well-being, but that leaves the average Jane and Joe absolutely unprotected. Isn’t it the main mandate of the government of any country, that it be there mainly to protect the lives of its citizens? It does not appear to be so in reality as these “foods” are killing more people than any of the wars we had so far. Yet, no king, president, or prime minister is sending troops out to wipe out the culprits.

What is even worse, governments have allied with food manufacturers and actually banned some natural foods traditionally used by people for generations without mayor problems. Natural dairy products, in particular. Therefore, if you want to survive “as in” avoiding sickness or dying prematurely, you’d better learn about healthful foods and eating. Learn how to take control of your own life and health.

It is the mission of this web site to offer information and news about:

  • Healthful foods and eating,
  • Ways to help people lose weight that really work,
  • Simple and inexpensive ways to exercise,
  • Mind improvement programs, and
  • How to protect the environment.
  • and any other health-related news and discoveries

We will also offer health related products that we believe could help people improve their chances of living a longer, healthier life. Please take into account that although we take care that the information supplied here is as accurate as possible, we are not medically qualified and do not offer medical advice. Please make sure you read and accept ourĀ  Medical Disclaimer Notice.

The products recommended and the people or companies supplying them are not only known to us, but they are also backed by appropriate guarantees from reputable companies such as Clickbank, Amazon, E-Bay, etc

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Dying Prematurely

Most people have the idea they will die when they reach a certain age, say 70, but the reality is that a person could live, in good health, over 100 years. Having the right attitude, might help you reach your full living potential in good health. A long life might not be that important if you are not in good health.

The funny thing is that after all the scientific discoveries and inventions, most of the truly healthful and anti-aging compounds found so far, are in natural foods. Many attempts at processing them have made great products to sell, but that don’t really work as effectively as the natural products do. Going back to a natural, simple diet, seems to be the best way to improve your health, longevity, and proper weight. It is also cheaper.

Hector Vargas, Webmaster

* I use the adjective healthful (rather than healthy) because I have this silly idea that some nutrition writers decided to use the adjective “healthy” to protect themselves. By saying that a food is healthy, they are not necessarily implying that it will promote health. They are really saying that the food, in itself, is in good health. To me, that’s like saying that a very healthy brown snake would not be very healthful for you, it could really kill you. Healthful is indeed the correct adjective to use, but it has become the general rule in the industry to use “healthy”, and not only by Americans…LOL!

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